Park Vale

The Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten was founded in 1991 by the early childhood educationalist, Cinda Chan. In the past 30 years, hundreds of Hong Kong children have entered our doors.  As an early pioneer of The Project Approach for young learners, the children’s curiosity and interests in learning were powerfully ignited through the mediums of creativity, teamwork and strong communication skills.

Creativity Park Vale teachers remain committed to providing many learning and development opportunities to meet children’s individual needs and interests, inspiring children’s thinking and nurturing holistic development. We promote Home-school co-operation it is crucial to providing a suitable and healthy environment for the growth of children.

Embracing the Teacher-led Heuristic Teaching and Child-led Discovery Learning models, Creativity with the Park Vale students gain critical skills to self-learn, think, discover, create and adapt to changes – ultimately becoming confident lifelong learners.