Renew your child's joy and passion for learning

Founded in 1991, Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten has served Hong Kong families for 30 years.  Looking forward to the next generation, we are excited to re-commit our service with a new teaching team, a new vision for learning and an internationally focused, dual language learning journey rooted in Chinese values.

We are excited to offer an array of amazing afternoon learning activities starting Sept 6! 

Play Groups, Music & Movement and English Arts & Craft – there is something for every child!

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"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination"
~ Albert Einstein

Fuelled by the world’s connectivity, the recent explosion of innovation was not so much the result of new knowledge, but instead, it comes from the extraordinary vision of ordinary people – the dreamers who capitalized on their abilities to ‘re-imagine’ old challenges in a new light.  Detached from the constraints of tradition, young pioneers explored, played, collaborated and discovered dynamic new approached to make the world a better place for all.

Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten is committed to the fostering of these young pioneer entrepreneurs through the rich blend of creative play-based learning strategies of personal discovery.  Coupled with the emphasis of confidence, poise, a ‘can-do’ attitude and grounded in the Chinese values of respect, humility and family, Creativity Park Vale children will be equipped with the comforts of resiliency and perseverance to make a difference.




Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten is a community where children with a passion for self-discovery converge with a truly rewarding learning experience.  While every child is a unique individual with different gifts, talents and passion, the common foundation for all is a learning place of care, nurture and love.  Our blend of academic and personal development means that our students will be personally poised, confident and academically equipped to be successful in any Hong Kong school.




Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten is excited to collaborate with Kendall International Preschool this year to refocus our current practices to reflect world class early educational strategies that go further than simple academic content.  Coupled with powerful personal attributes of confidence, poise and the ability to innovate and create, a successful future for our children will be their capacity to align knowledge with critical ‘soft skills.’  

A new team, a new approach, and a new vision will be implemented through the 2021-2022 school year with the goal of a full transformation of Creativity Park Vale as a world-class, student centered, and community based learning center.  

Pre-Nursery (PN) and Preschool (K1-K3) Programs

Applications now open for PN, K1 and K2 programs

Children learn best by doing.  Creativity Park Vale Kindergarten offers a daily three (3) hour per day, dual language, English/Cantonese program that delivers an engaging curriculum which allows children to learn through active exploration and discovery.

We also believe that language fluency is the cornerstone to knowledge and social skills development and thus fully committed to vigorously develop our children’s communicative language skills.  We are convinced that the convergence of these principles will produce nurture children who are independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners.  Our internationally influenced pedagogy purposefully integrates learning in literacy, math, science and the arts throughout the day.

All classes run from Monday to Friday, three (3) hours per day between 9:00AM to 12:00PM.

Pre-Nursery Program:  2 year old unaccompanied

$4460 per month

12 installments

Material Fee:  $2000 per year

K1-K2 Programs

$2925 per month

12 installments

Material Fee:  $2800 per semester

NOTE:  The current 2021-2022 tuition levels are fixed for the year and without change.  Creativity Park Vale will be seeking EDB approval for the revision of the details of our license to embed a robust English and Cantonese dual-language, play-based setting accompanied by a request for an increase of tuition levels.